Paint Correction

Paint Correction is the process of removing paint defects by high speed polishing in order to restore a vehicle's true reflection and gloss. You want to make the paint as level (flat) as possible. The more level the surface, the more superior the reflection (shine) will be. 

There are a wide range of imperfections and defects that can occur on a vehicles finish. The most common of these defects are in the form of micro-scratches, when looked at with direct light these scratches appear to be "swirls" or "spider-webs". This is an illusion caused by the light source. Swirls are the ugly, end result of poor car washing habits. These can be avoided by simply using the correct methods to wash your vehicle. 

Other defects include deeper scratches caused by an object rubbing against the vehicle, etching from acid rain, holograms caused by improper buffing, and stains from chemicals as well as bird droppings. 

Our Correction Process

When we prepare a vehicle for the Paint Correction process we first start by power washing the vehicle exterior to remove all larger, loose debris and dirt. We then use our Foam Cannon to completely cover the vehicles exterior with a pH neutral Snow Foam. We let this sit for a few minutes to help lift and carry loose dirt off the vehicle. After soaking, we rinse the vehicle. Now we wash the vehicle exterior with soap and our pH neutral shampoo. After a rinse we completely spray the vehicle exterior using an iron and fallout dissolving chemical.

After the wash process, we move onto the clay bar process.  We clay bar the entire vehicle focusing on the more commonly contaminatd areas. This process removes any remaining debris embedded in the paints finish.

After wiping down the vehicle, it is now time to start polishing. Dependent upon the condition of the vehicles finish and the result we are after, we choose a single compound or a combination of compounds. 

The vehicle is buffed using our TORQ10FX Dual Action electric buffer. The vehicle is buffed until the finish reaches optimum clarity and a brilliant reflection. This is followed by an Isopropyl Alcohol mixture to remove any residue and oils that the polish may have left behind.

To protect this final result for years to come, we recommend having a Ceramic Coating (Nano Coating) applied. Visit our Ceramic Coating page for more information. 

Single Stage Paint Correction: Starting at $299.99 +HST

Two Stage Paint Correction: Starting at $499.99 +HST

Three Stage Paint Correction: Starting at $699.99 +HST

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