Walking out of a car dealership with a brand new car is one of the best feelings in the world. The new car smell, the leather wrapped steering wheel that will take you through all the beautiful roads, and that clean, shiny paint free of any dents, dings and scratches….. Or so you thought.


Although you have just bought yourself a brand new car, it has been in more hands than you may think. From that first wash when it left the assembly line, through the shipping process, all the way to that wonderful day the dealership had it “professionally detailed” just before you picked it up…. Through all of this, your vehicles paint finish has acquired hundreds of micro scratches and swirls that are dragging down our vehicles shine and reflection.


What we offer you is the opportunity to experience the true new car feeling. One where your paint is as amazing as the day you saw that picture of the car that made you fall in love with it.

Not only do we correct your paints finish ( Paint Correction ) by removing these imperfections, but we seal it with the most advanced form of paint protection in today’s day and age ( Ceramic Coating ).

Give us the pleasure of delivering you the paint finish both you and your vehicle deserve.

The Process 

1. Clean tires and rims ( off of vehicle ) to remove all contaminants.

2. Rinse all loose dirt from vehicle exterior.

3. Spray vehicle with snow foam and let sit to break down dirt and stuck grime.

4. Complete chemical decontamination of exterior paint, rinse vehicle.

5. Complete mechanical decontamination with clay bar.

6. Complete exterior wash with pH neutral shampoo, safely dry vehicle.

7. Begin paint correction process.

8. Wipe vehicle down with isopropyl alcohol mixture to remove any remaining polish residue and oils

9. Begin application of Ceramic Coating to Paint, Glass, Trim, and Wheels.

10. Allow Ceramic Coating cure for 12 - 24 hours before allowing vehicle to get wet.

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large car/ Small suv


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